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We are one of the fastest growing education staffing providers that will show you the financial benefits of partnering with our effective staffing platform and team of experts.


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Our Value Proposition

Take away the stress and paperwork of the hiring process and let us do the heavy lifting! We are always recruiting qualified and credentialed professionals to grow your pool of prospects.
Cost and Time Savings
We use metrics and data to strategize and speed up our placement process. And as we all know, time is money.

Insight also conducts a custom and complimentary operational and economic benefit analysis, so you can see for yourself.
Insight believes that a prepared employee has the best chance to provide a great educational environment. That’s why we share as much information as possible with our professionals before the work day starts.

We also use data and metrics from past years to make sure we have enough professionals to help staff at all times of the school year.
We love building relationships with our clients and our customers, and always aim to successfully fill all of your placement needs.

We’re especially proud of the number of people who get full-time employment offers through Insight.
Work with Real Humans
When you work with Insight, you are working and speaking with real humans. We have a dedicated group of recruiters and support staff who source, on-board and manage the educational staff. Here at Insight, we want to make sure you have a great experience at every interaction.
Experienced Staff
Insight has the most experienced paraprofessional placement staff around! Coming from all different backgrounds, we love to leverage our skills and experiences to help YOU find the most qualified professionals for your school.

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